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But in certain circumstances and owing to the claims of duty or the obligations of business it will frequently occur that pleasures.



22 grudnia 2015 - 13:00


22 grudnia 2015 - 17:00


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On Wednes­day eve­ning, Apple exe­cu­ti­ve Eddy Cue and Beats CEO Jim­my Iovi­ne sat for an inte­rview on sta­ge at the Code Con­fe­ren­ce in Southern Cali­for­nia. Cue said Apple bought Beats becau­se „music is dying. It hasn’t been gro­wing.” He said com­bi­ning the two com­pa­nies will help it grow again.

Cue said that the num­ber of new rele­ases on iTu­nes this past year are the smal­lest the com­pa­ny has ever seen, and that the growth in the num­ber of songs sold thro­ugh iTu­nes has „leve­led off.” But I must expla­in to you how all this mista­ken idea of deno­un­cing ple­asu­re and pra­ising pain was born and I will give you a com­ple­te acco­unt of the sys­tem, and expo­und the actu­al teachings of the gre­at explo­rer of the truth, the master-buil­der of human hap­pi­ness. No one rejects, disli­kes, or avo­ids ple­asu­re itself, becau­se it is ple­asu­re, but becau­se tho­se who do not know how to pur­sue ple­asu­re ratio­nal­ly enco­un­ter con­se­qu­en­ces that are extre­me­ly pain­ful. Nor aga­in is the­re any­one who loves or pur­su­es or desi­res to obta­in pain of itself, becau­se it is pain, but becau­se occa­sio­nal­ly cir­cum­stan­ces occur in which toil and pain can pro­cu­re him some gre­at ple­asu­re. To take a tri­vial exam­ple, which of us ever under­ta­kes labo­rio­us phy­si­cal exer­ci­se, except to obta­in some advan­ta­ge from it?

But who has any right to find fault with a man who cho­oses to enjoy a ple­asu­re that has no annoy­ing con­se­qu­en­ces, or one who avo­ids a pain that pro­du­ces no resul­tant ple­asu­re. He said that Beats has a gre­at sub­scrip­tion music servi­ce and that Apple can make it a big busi­ness becau­se it has a lot of custo­mers, knows what tho­se custo­mers listen to, and has an easy way for them to pay for things. Cue said what makes Beats good is that it pro­vi­des users with cura­ted playlists.





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