Gre­ater Pleasures

On the other hand, we deno­un­ce with righ­te­ous indi­gna­tion and disli­ke men who are so begu­iled and demo­ra­li­zed by the charms of ple­asu­re of the moment, so blin­ded by desi­re, that they can­not fore­see the pain and tro­uble that are bound to ensue; and equ­al bla­me belongs to tho­se who fail in the­ir duty thro­ugh weak­ness of will, which is the same as say­ing thro­ugh shrin­king from toil and pain.

The­se cases are per­fec­tly sim­ple and easy to distin­gu­ish. In a free hour, when our power of cho­ice is untram­mel­led and when nothing pre­vents our being able to do what we like best, eve­ry ple­asu­re is to be welco­med and eve­ry pain avo­ided. But in cer­ta­in cir­cum­stan­ces and owing to the cla­ims of duty or the obli­ga­tions of busi­ness it will fre­qu­en­tly occur that ple­asu­res have to be repu­dia­ted and annoy­an­ces accepted.

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